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  1. carve out


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 雕出
    • 2. 開拓;開創 After he graduated from college, he tried to carve out a business of his own. 他大學畢業之後,就努力開創屬於他自己的事業。
  2. 知識+

    • 我英文不好,這句子請幫忙解答

      ... eons(主詞) of time were needed (過去被動式) for water to carve out valleys. 水要刻鑿出山谷需要無法想像極長的時間。 1. 本句eons是主詞...

    • 句型結構!

      care out 是不是打錯字, 應該是"carve" out? 如果是的話, anything是carve的受詞 可以把它調到前面來,改寫成: ...and carve [anything that we can imagine] out of it, ... 這樣是不是比較清楚易懂了? ^^

    • out far-flung domains...??

      A few had perhaps amassed small forces and carved out far-flung domains, but it was Vlad’s usurpation of...