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  1. cash in on

    • ph.
      利用; 賺錢
    • 釋義


    • 1. 利用; 賺錢 Let's cash in on the fine weather and go fishing. 讓我們趁著這好天氣去釣魚吧!
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      Cashing In On Asia's Fair-Skin Craze 內文﹕ For a...even in summer. And cosmetic houses are rushing to cash in. They're pouring millions of dollars into ...

    • In On 在抽象方面不會用!!??

      ...方法 One child in twenty has this disease. They paid in cash. on →正從事某項活動、實驗、持續動作 on my trip, on business, on vacation at...

    • 幾題英文~~~10點^^

      ...第三的 = penultimate = almost last (不一定是倒數第二的) 5.Ducati are cashing in on the title...為什麼動詞用are??? "Ducati" is the plural...