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  1. cash machine


    • ph.
      = cash dispenser
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    • private practice..啥 意思??

      ...律師行業而言, 私人診所或律師樓 還有digger drives off pushing cash machine 因為從CNN上看到, 我想是只看到一半字幕???我猜是有前後文: digger...

    • 英文達人...麻煩幫我翻譯...20

      To increase security at cash machines, some banks have tried to make their...match, the ATM will starts counting out cash. If not, a message is automatically sent...

    • 請給我一篇2個人3分鐘的對話

      ... about ten pounds. Steve: Oh,no! Is there a cash machine near here? Waiter: Yes , there's one just down the road outside the supermarket...