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    • 1. 現金退費 We can give you a cash refund if you have the sales receipt. 如果你有銷售的發票的話,我們可以給你現金退費。
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    • 2句英文翻譯(cash, refund check)

      ...for :找時間做什麼事 at last :終於去做 Did you ever get around to cashing that refund check from the bookstore? 你有找時間去兌換那家書局的退款支票了嗎? 或 你終於...

    • toeic question

      (1)Customers _______items for a cash refund should line up on the far left side. 動詞是 line up 前面用助動詞should定調語氣...

    • 20點~~~ 國外刷郵局visa如何退款?

      ...a bad site at all. I think they probably thought she wants the cash refund, instead of reversing the charge. This dude bought $80K...