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  1. cast

    • IPA[kast]


    • v.
      cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface;cause (uncertainty or disapproval) to be associated with something
    • n.
      an object made by shaping molten metal or similar material in a mold;a mold used to make an object by casting
    • verb: cast, 3rd person present: casts, gerund or present participle: casting, past tense: cast, past participle: cast

    • noun: cast, plural noun: casts

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface the moon cast a pale light over the cottages running costs were already casting a shadow over the program 同義詞 emit, give off, send out, send forth, shed, ... 更多
    • cause (uncertainty or disapproval) to be associated with something journalists cast doubt on the government's version of events I do not wish to cast aspersions on your honesty
    • 2. register (a vote) residents turned out in record numbers to cast their votes 同義詞 register, record, enter, file, lodge, ... 更多
    • 3. throw (a net, or the hooked and baited end of (a fishing line) out into the water the fishermen cast a large net around a school of tuna
    • let down (an anchor or sounding line).
    • 4. literary throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction he cast the book down on to the chair angrily lemmings cast themselves off the cliff 同義詞 throw, toss, fling, pitch, hurl, ... 更多
    • direct (one's eyes or a look) at something she cast down her eyes she cast him a desperate glance 同義詞 direct, shoot, turn, throw, send, ... 更多
    • 5. shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mold while molten when hammered or cast, bronze could be made into tools 同義詞 mold, fashion, form, shape, model, ... 更多
    • make (a molded object) by pouring metal or other material into a mold while molten a bell was cast for the church
    • arrange and present in a specified form or style he issued statements cast in tones of reason
    • 6. cause (a magic spell) to take effect the witch cast a spell on her to turn her into a beast the city casts a spell on the visitor
    • 7. display (video or audio content from a computer, phone, or other device) on a television screen, usually via a wireless connection, without mirroring the screen of the device the app can cast your device's photos and videos view on your largest screen by casting your device to your TV
    • 8. shed (skin or horns) in the process of growth the antlers are cast each year 同義詞 shed, discard, slough off, throw off, get rid of, ... 更多
    • (of a horse) lose (a shoe).
    • 9. calculate and record details of (a horoscope) you can look at the star chart cast at somebody's birth 同義詞 calculate, devise, compute, reckon, determine, ... 更多
    • 10. (in country dancing) change one's position by moving a certain number of places in a certain direction along the outside of the line in which one is dancing cross the set and cast down one place
    • 11. (of a dog) search in different directions for a lost scent the dog cast furiously for the vanished rabbit
    • let loose (hounds) on a scent casting the hounds into cover, we stood and listened


    • 1. an object made by shaping molten metal or similar material in a mold bronze casts of the sculpture
    • a mold used to make an object by casting the artist's casts and molds became the property of the museum 同義詞 casting, replica, copy, model, representation, ... 更多
    • a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris, molded to the shape of a limb that is broken, and used to support and protect it I had to spend a month in a cast
    • 2. an act of throwing something forcefully he grabbed a spear for a third cast
    • a throw of a fishing line I swung the rod out for a cast
    • archaic at dice, a throw or a number thrown 'tis no winning cast 同義詞 throw, toss, fling, pitch, hurl, ... 更多
    • 3. the form or appearance of something, especially someone's features or complexion she had a somewhat masculine cast of countenance the colors he wore emphasized the olive cast of his skin
    • the character of something this question is for minds of a more philosophical cast than mine 同義詞 type, sort, kind, variety, class, ... 更多
    • 4. a slight squint he had a cast in one eye 同義詞 squint, cross-eyes, informalboss-eye, technicalstrabismus
    • 5. a convoluted mass of earth or sand ejected onto the surface by a burrowing worm.
    • a pellet regurgitated by a hawk or owl.
    • 6. a search made by a hound or pack of hounds over a wide area to find a trail.