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  1. cast

    • IPA[kɑːst]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      全體演員;模件; 鑄件; 模子
    • 過去式:cast 過去分詞:cast 現在分詞:casting

    • 名詞複數:casts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語
    • vt.
    • 1. 選派…扮演角色

      to cast sb. as sth. 選派某人扮演某角色

      she was cast in the part or role of Ophelia 她給選中扮演奧菲莉亞這個角色

    • 2. 為…選派演員

      it's a very difficult play to cast 這部戲的演員很難選

    • 3. 描述

      he cast himself as the innocent victim 他把自己說成是無辜的受害者

      somebody is always cast in the role of scapegoat 總是有人會當替罪羊的

    • 4. 澆鑄
    • 5. 鑄造

      a statue cast in bronze 青銅鑄像

    • 6. 扔; 拋

      to cast a net/fishing line 撒網/拋釣線

      he was cast into jail 他被投入了監獄

    • 7. 蛻; 脫
    • 8. 掉落
    • 9. 投射

      the setting sun cast an orange glow over the mountains 群山籠罩在夕陽的橘黃色光輝中

      the houses cast long shadows 房子投下長長的影子

    • 10. 把…加於

      to cast doubt on or upon sth. 使人對某事物生疑

      to cast (a) new light on sth. 使人對某事物有新的認識

    • 11. 投射

      to cast an eye over sth. 粗略地看一下某事物

      she cast a welcoming smile in his direction 她朝他微笑以示歡迎

    • 12. 迷住(某人)

      to cast a spell (on or over sb.) (對某人)施魔法

    • 13. 表述

      a statement cast in carefully diplomatic tones 一份用外交口吻措詞謹慎的聲明

      the work was cast in the form of a novella 該作品是一部中篇小說

    • 14. 投
    • 15. 占卜

      to cast sb.'s horoscope 給某人占星算命

    • vi.
    • 1. 拋釣線
    • n.
    • 1. 全體演員

      members of the cast 劇組成員

      the film has an all-star cast 這部電影擁有全明星陣容

    • 2. 模件; 鑄件; 模子
    • 3. 石膏繃帶

      her leg's in a cast 她一條腿打上了石膏

    • 4. 類型

      she was of a philosophical cast of mind 她頭腦冷靜沉著

    • 5. 扔; 擲; 撒; 拋
    • 6. 排洩物


    1. throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction

    2. cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface

    3. direct (one's eyes or a look) at something

    4. shed (skin or horns) in the process of growth

    5. shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mould while molten

    6. register (a vote)

    7. calculate and record details of (a horoscope)

    8. a mould used to make an object by casting

    9. a throw or a number thrown at dice

    10. the character of something

    11. a slight squint

    12. assign a part in a play or film to (an actor)

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      ...及物動詞 transitive verb) 投,擲,拋,扔,撒 : He cast a stone into the river. 他向河中投了一塊石子。 投射...] 班底,演員陣容[C][G] : The cast of the play was very strong. 這齣戲的演員陣容非常...

    • yellow cast

      ..., our eyes mature and our vision takes on a yellow cast 當我們變老,我們的眼睛成熟而且我們的視覺承擔一個黃色素像(p.s.因為老...

    • 我想請問cast的中文意思

      cast這個字,可以是動詞,也可以是名詞,意思很多。 不過就你的問題來看,你的認知偏向於cast是''角色''這一種解釋。事實上,這個字常在電影演完後看到...