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    • 英文~cast~scatter這兩個字的異同

      ...石膏。 外貌;類型;氣質[the S] : He was of an optimistic cast of mind. 他生性樂觀。 希望對你有幫助ˋ 不清楚再說ˇ

    • a cast for與searing的中文翻譯問題

      ... to time, he wandered the Limerick of his mind, collecting the details of scenery and a cast for the book that festered inside him. 他渾然忘我地神遊於利莫里克...

    • Noble Poth

      It is a very good deed to cast away greed and to cherish a mind of charity. 拋去貪念,心懷慈悲是很好的行為。 It is still better...