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  1. cast one's eyes over

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    • 1. 很快地看或查某人/某事物 Would you cast your eye over these calculations to check that they are correct? 你看一下這些計算數字, 檢查是否正確, 好嗎?
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      ...正在聽 Be the apple of someone`s eye 某人眼中的寶 Be as ... doesn't matter who's wrong or right. Just beat it. Bend over backwards 使勁全力,使盡一切的努力 Bite off more than one can chew 好高騖遠,貪心 Bookworm...

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      ...before swine. 不要明珠暗投。不要對牛彈琴。 water off a duck's back 對牛彈琴。 cast [throw] (one's) pearls before swine 對牛彈琴。 cannot see the wood...

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      ... before swine. 不要明珠暗投。不要對牛彈琴。water off a duck's back 對牛彈琴。cast [throw] (one's) pearls before swine 對牛彈琴。cannot see the wood for...