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  1. cast the (or one's) net

    • ph.
      search for suitable options or candidates in a specified way
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    • 拜託大大快幫我翻譯英文 急需禮拜一用

      ...inside the canoe and prepared to cast his net. One lucky throw will give me the bait I need for a tucunare! My...),他忘記了他的任務。 The friendship between boy and dolphin was...

    • 英文系大師~請進

      啊,年輕的愛。全揮之不去的眼神,純真,甜美,等有什麼比擁有一個溫暖的壓榨和情感,來,隨著新的戀人。不是,但是,當你一好萊塢最知名的年輕演員和你出現了一個新聞發布會上一個非常可愛的註冊和有前途的年輕女演員。 這種情況下與青少年萬人迷 Zac Efron和...

    • 有誰讀過Oscar Wilde作品...? to this Lyric Stage production, then, to say that both the play and the large cast are never upstaged by.... the critics for their disapproval...