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  1. castle in Spain


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    • 一句英文俗諺《急!!20點!》

      it's "build a castle in Spain." 但是現在幾乎都說 build a castle in the air. 意指做白日夢的意思, 總是...

    • 被人罵的內容[增十點]

      ... the bull. 你在做無益的事.(徒勞無功) You built a castle/castles in Spain/ in the air. 你在空想. You are a casual visitor. 你是不速之客...

    • 關於西班牙的風車村??

      ...of La Mancha in central Spain. The best examples... may be found in Consuegra where several ...a spectacular view of the 12th century castle and of the town. The castle ...