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    • 行銷的英文是?

      ...所做的最有效的行銷組合, 以滿足全球不同市場的需求, 達到整體行銷的目的)catalog marketing目錄行銷 (透過寄送到選擇名單上的消費者的目錄銷售產品)

    • ”市購件”的英文翻譯

      .../items",這和你所說的"parts purchase from market"近似,但是意義不同,很多零件是可以買到,但是製造商需要另行...可以買到,但是工廠要經過丈量再製作,所以是 commerical available but not in catalog.

    • 誰可以幫幫我寫幾篇商用英文信[急]

      .... Please send us full set of catalog with your prices list for our reference... channels and partners in PC market in Taiwan. We are at the moment to expand...