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  1. catch hold of

    • ph.
      抓住, 拿住, 握住
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    • 1. 抓住, 拿住, 握住 I threw the rope and he caught hold of it. 我把繩子扔了過去, 他一把就抓住了。 I managed to grab hold of the jug before it fell. 我設法抓住了那個罐子才未跌落。


    抓住, 拿住, 握住


    「抓住, 拿住, 握住」的反義字

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    • 下列哪一句文法有錯..

      錯的是答案 (D), 應該是 catch hold of:  抓住、 把握、 控制...(A) After...want to make "a go" of anything, you have to catch "hold" of everything.假如你任何事都想試一試, 那你就得...

    • 翻譯: "caught up in me to see"

      原歌詞: Sometimes I just hold you Too caught up in me to see I'm holding a fortune That ...

    • 某企業 ”跨足 路燈商機傳佳音” 的英文是?

      ...所以可以用抓住,進取,轉戰,轉攻, 商機: business-opportunity 轉戰: fight into 抓住: hold of, catch of 進取: attack xxx company successfully fought into lighting business...