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  1. catch up

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 趕上 to catch up with sb. 趕上某人 to catch up with or on sb./sth. 趕上
    • 2. 補做 he's got a lot of work to catch up on 他有很多工作要補上 you must catch up on your sleep 你一定要補覺
    • 3. 了解情況 to catch up on or with sth. 了解


    • 1. 趕上
    • 2. 一把抓起 he caught up his briefcase and rushed out of the office 他一把抓起公文包衝出了辦公室
    • 3. 把…絆住 the fly got caught up in the web 蒼蠅被蜘蛛網黏住了 I caught my skirt or got my skirt caught up in the thorns 我的裙子被荊棘鉤住了