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    • catch fire 主動被動

      ...著火. I think this is better: The house was on fire. 2011-10-21 08:44:23 補充: Yea, Agree with DaSaGwa...

    • 請問一下 電影中的你著火了 的翻譯是

      You caught fire! 你著火了! You caught fire on your pants! 你的褲子...之意. 2010-08-15 13:05:05 補充: 電影中那句可能是"You're on fire", 您聽成了"You are fire".

    • 這一句的文法 怪怪的

      您好,以下是我的見解: 您的這一句 "The man whose beard caught on fire when he lit a cigarette poured a glass of water on his face." 可以...