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    • cavalier的名詞複數
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    • knight和cavalier...有甚麼不同??

      cavalier :騎士;騎兵 knight: (中古時的)騎士,武士 後衍申為(近代英國的)爵士... = 武士騎(唸成"武士計")。--字面解釋就是以武力對抗敵人的士兵 Cavalier = 騎士騎(唸成"奇士計")。---字面翻譯為有坐騎(通常為馬)來對抗敵人的...

    • Louis+cavalier considering

      This is where people confuse 'casual use' of English with 'official writing' .. In the official writing, 'which was' should not be omitted. However, when it comes to spoken language, or writing in...

    • 幫幫忙 NBA騎士隊將聘溜馬助教布朗為新任總教頭 的英語

      The Cleveland Cavaliers will hire Mike Brown, who served as Indiana Pacers' top assistant, as their new head coach