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  1. cease

    • IPA[siːs]


    • v.
      come or bring to an end
    • verb: cease, 3rd person present: ceases, gerund or present participle: ceasing, past tense: ceased, past participle: ceased

  2. 知識+

    • cease與terminate有什麼差?

      cease = 中止 (語氣帶有暫停的意思) terminate = 終止 (完結的語氣很明顯) 戰爭電影裡面常常會有軍官在戰況有變的時候大喊 cease fire! 這時士兵就會停火但是保持警戒 因為 cease fire = (暫停交火) 阿諾的電影...

    • Hatreds never cease by hatreds

      古有明訓, 以怨報怨,仇怨永遠沒有終結的時候 只有以德報怨,仇怨才能終結。

    • 英文單字問題 哪一個比較適合

      It never ceases to amaze us what some people will do for money. A. carve 雕刻 B...what some people will do for money. = What some people will do for money never ceases to amaze us. 某些人肯為了金錢做出的事 不斷地使我們驚訝 never cease...