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  1. celebrity

    • IPA[səˈlebrədē]


    • n.
      a famous person;the state of being well known
    • noun: celebrity, plural noun: celebrities

  2. 知識+

    • a minor celebrity

      ...意義相左,所以最不恰當。但仍應以上下文相輔,才能作出恰當選擇。) a minor celebrity - a celebrity, albeit not widely known or popular. In choices ...

    • Celebrity Skin 歌詞翻譯(20點)

      Celebrity Skin Artist: HOLEOh, make me over喔,讓我結束一切...

    • celebrity doubles的中譯

      Celebrity Doubles = 名人替身例句:Jackie Chen never hires celebrity double to replace him for dangerous stunts in the action films. 成龍絕不雇用名人替身替他在動作片中演出危險的特技動作。