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  1. cell membrane

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    • 拜託幫忙英翻中化妝品翻譯 勿用電子翻譯

      ... useful to directyl examine the ability of natural products to penetrate cell membranes and inhibit ROS in living human cells. 這種細胞基螢光法...

    • 生物化學-單字英翻中(急~~~)

      ... --n.[生](細胞中的)溶體peroxisomes --n.[生化]過氧物體cell membrane --n.[生]細胞膜cell wall --n.[生]細胞壁central vacuole  --n.[生]中心的液泡

    • 幫忙英文生物題目

      ...carbohydrate(澱粉是一種醣類) 2.The process by which water moves across a cell membrane is called~~a.osmosis. (水通過細胞膜叫滲透) 3.The organelle in...