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  1. cell wall

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    • Gram-positive & Gram-negative

      ... and highlighted parts and my summary   The cell walls for gram-negative microorganisms have a higher lipid content than gram...

    • 關於微生物方面~幫我翻譯一下@@”~謝謝

      ...形成的網狀構造[常見於細菌細胞壁] 4) inhibits recyling of lipid carrier for cell wall synthesis ==> 抑制細胞璧合成作用的脂質載體的回收[因而細胞璧合...

    • 植物學翻譯(薄壁組織)

      ...usually more or less spherical or elongated in shape;usually has primary cell walls only 組織成熟時, 一般成球狀或細長狀, 僅具有基本的細胞壁 Location...