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  1. cell yell

    • KK[sɛl jɛl]
    • DJ[sel jel]
    • ph.
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    • 幫我解釋這篇英文短文的文法架構

      .... 主要子句+副詞子句。 2---When his cell phone rang, he answered and started... on yakking, causing another customer to yell for the man to shut up. 主要子句+分詞構句。 5---...

    • 1021017英文造句批改

      ...the costume party yesterday, so I got many girls’ cell phone number in the end. 8. The President...of the scores of university entrance examination, I eventually yelled happily.

    • 急~~有篇英文短文,想請大家幫忙翻譯,英文演講要用的

      ...everyone was looking for the way out. an old lady yelled for help from outside. Mary's parents... that she can call 119 with her mom's cell phone, an hour later, fire deparment show up, and ...