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  1. cells

    • cell的名詞複數
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    • host cell

      ...細胞名詞:載體(Vector)解譯:可攜帶DNA片段進入宿主細胞 (host cell) 的媒介物質,例如質體(plasmid)(或病毒(virus如Lambda phage)。可區分為...

    • fat cell 的意思

      ...保暖與禦寒,男性皮下脂肪約佔人體 12 %,女性皮下脂肪約為 15 %。 A fat cell, a connective tissue cell that has differentiated and become ...

    • In this study, gland cells 翻譯

      In this study, gland cells in the epidermis of earthworms, such as small granular... exudation function of large granular orthochromatic mucous cells and reticulation mucous cells in the epidermis was...