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  1. center stage

    • IPA[ˈˌsen(t)ər ˈˌstāj]
    • n.
      the center of a stage;the most prominent position
    • adv.
      at or toward the middle of a stage;in or toward the most prominent position
    • noun: centre stage

    • 釋義


    • 1. the center of a stage I took my place in the darkened center stage
    • the most prominent position oil remains at center stage, with demands for expanded drilling


    • 1. at or toward the middle of a stage at the play's opening she stands center stage
    • in or toward the most prominent position Asian countries have moved center stage for world business
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      ... then place your raffle ticket in the raffle box at the front of the center stage. There are two to three drawings daily to win the prizes...

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      ...the critics of blown-up government spending finally took center stage last week,after staying largely in the shadows as countries around...

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      典型的合成樓板是120毫米的中心階段(在熱滾的610UB 101 s(大約W24x68s)上支持的4.7 最擁擠的地方, 以4.2米隔開(14個中心。 在南方的邊上, 跨度這些12米(39從那些核心兌一那些柱子周邊,當時在那些東方,那些跨度主電子束14米上(46。 鋼管柱子通常充滿80 MPa 具體...