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    • 請問兩個英文片語的意思

      1.chalk it up to experience: chalk up在這裡有"learn"的意思,也就是說記取經驗, (但這裡的經驗有可能是好或...

    • 請問「by a long chalk」是什麼意思?

      ...expression means “not by any means”, “not at all” and often turns up in conventional expressions such as they weren’t beaten yet, not by a long chalk. 參考:

    • 求P字尾的英文单字或片語

      ...挖出, crop up(意外地)發生, close up近處, clear 澄清up, cheer up(使)高興起來, chalk up記下, catch up趕上, build up增加, buck up支持, bring up栽培, break up分開, bottle...