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  1. chamber concert


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    • 有關馬友友背景、得獎的資料尋求..(請用英文回答)

      .... Today, along with the many orchestral performances, solo and chamber concerts, and record making, Yo-Yo Ma manages to find time...

    • 英文生平翻譯 急!!!!

      ... and Conductors and arranged a series of four concerts of contemporary chamber music. 意思是 他是Yaddo 夏天音樂殖民地的成員在...

    • 英文對話訂正並改寫

      ... kind misic of concert? (哪一種音樂類型的音樂會呢) --> Whar kind of concert? B: (1) fork music (民謠) (2) jazz (爵士) (3) rock --> (搖滾) A: Is chamber music ? (是室內音樂會嗎?) --> Is it a chamber music? B: No...