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  1. chance upon

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    • 1. 巧遇 We chanced upon him in the park the day before yesterday. 我們前天在公園裡碰巧遇到他。
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    • chance 和oppitunity有何不同

      ...發現;巧遇」,如:I was browsing in a bookshop when I chanced upon an old friend. (我在逛書店時巧遇一位老朋友)。接不定詞時,意思亦同,如...

    • 請幫忙想一個英文標題

      To be or not to be! Dream on or let dreams come true! Chance! once upon a time! Change! Not a slogan! United! Even we'...

    • 台灣黑熊的資料 英文的

      ...upright posture and can move quite swiftly. Thus, the best thing to do if you chance upon one is to stay calm, try not to provoke it, and leave the vicinity as soon...