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    • 英文文法問題請教~ THE+比較級

      ...occur is. The number of people is great. The chance is high. 是原始的兩句。 在作同等比較時會倒裝:The greater the ...

    • 什麼是The answer is no, not ?

      ...experience. 如果你沒受過一定分量經濟學教育和經驗的話,答案是否定的。 129. Chances are you can. 很有可能你可以。 134. The price of not being able to sell is a very high price to pay--a price greater than money. 無法販賣的代價是非常高的-高...

    • This suggests increased

      ...的教育機會. 可以改寫嗎 它的原句是 This suggests (which was) increased educational chances for women in high education嗎-- 你這樣的改法是根基把 suggest當名詞的前提下,所以是不能成立...