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  1. change

    • IPA[tʃeɪndʒ]



    • vt.
      改變;替換; 交換
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:changed 過去分詞:changed 現在分詞:changing

    • 名詞複數:changes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 改變 to change sb.'s mind 使某人改變主意 to change one's ways 換一種生活方式
    • 2. 替換; 交換 the water in the goldfish bowl should be changed regularly 金魚缸裡的水應當定期更換 the comma had been changed to a full stop 那個逗號改成了句號
    • 3. 給…換尿布
    • 4. 退換 can I change this for a size 12, please? 請問,我能把這個換成12號的嗎? if it's too big, we'll change it for you 要是太大,我們會為您調換的
    • 5. 兌換 to change dollars into euros 把美元換成歐元 can you change a £20 note? 你能換開一張20英鎊的鈔票嗎?
    • 6. 更換; 換乘; 轉變; 改變 the wind has changed direction 風向變了 she changed the bag from her left hand to her right hand 她把袋子從左手換到右手
    • 7. 另找 to change one's doctor 另找一位醫生看病 he has changed publishers again 他又換了出版商
    • 8. 使…轉變 the witch changed him from a prince into a frog 巫婆把他從王子變成了青蛙 the sugar is changed into alcohol 糖被製成酒精


    • 1. 改變 the price of petrol hasn't changed much 汽油價格變化不大 spring changes into summer 春去夏來
    • 2. 變換 the traffic lights changed from green to amber 交通燈從綠燈變成了黃燈
    • 3. 換衣服 to change for dinner 赴宴前更衣 he changed into a clean shirt 他換了一件乾淨的襯衣
    • 4. 換乘 you have to change at Crewe 你得在克魯換車 we changed from a train to a bus 我們下火車換乘公共汽車
    • 5. 換擋 to change into reverse 換成倒擋
    • 6. 變向


    • 1. 改變 a change in the weather 天氣的變化 a time of great social change 社會大變革時期
    • 2. 更換 a change of government 政府的更迭 please note my change of address 請注意我變更了地址
    • 3. 變化 to need a change of scene/air 需要換個環境 it's a change from staying at home 這是對居家生活的一種調劑
    • 4. 替換物 a change of clothes/socks 一套換洗的衣服/一雙換洗的襪子
    • 5. 換乘 I had to make a change at Birmingham 我得在伯明翰換車
    • 6. 找頭 she gave me 68p change 她找給我68便士 ‘no change given’ “不找零”
    • 7. 硬幣 have you any small change? 你有沒有小額硬幣?
    • 8. 零錢 have you got change for a £10 note? 你有沒有零錢換開一張10英鎊的鈔票?
    • 9. 變換花樣 to ring the changes 敲奏鐘樂 a wide range of styles and colours with which to ring the changes 可以用不同方式搭配的各種樣式和顏色


    1. alter in terms of

    2. move from one to another

    3. the substitution of one thing for another

    4. an alteration or modification

    5. coins as opposed to banknotes


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