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  1. change (or switch or shift) gears

    • ph.
      adopt a different approach to a situation or task
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    • '遺傳病' 及 '汽車換檔' 的英文

      gene related disease shift the gear from D to R

    • Skillful driving...

      .... It is putting your toe (or front part of your foot) on the gas pedal for constant power..., the term came from the technique which when shift down the driver rave the engine to a higher RPM then engage the gear to reduce the wear-off of the clutch. 中: 用在說明變速箱構造...

    • 急!!幫忙翻譯 關於運動傷害一段的內容!!(5)

      ... in injury rates or that might assess unwanted effects(e.g. safety gear resulting in behavioral changes that lead to an increase in other types of injuries). 因此, 注意正確...