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  1. change around

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    • 1. 變換…的位置
    • 2. 將…對調職位


    • 1. 交換位置
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    • Change over time的翻譯

      ...come from Beowulf, which was written around 1200 years ago in old English. 1. 這些詩詞...) It's no secret that languages change over time. 1. 語言會隨著時間變化並不是秘密。 2. 這裡...

    • 請問turn, change, transfer 不同

      ...補充: 要講清楚好麻煩 簡單每個字的一個意思來講 turn 可以說是身體上 turn around change 可以說 物品的變換 change my shirt transfer 可以說 職業上 tranfer to another...

    • 想寫信給外國朋友 請幫忙翻譯

      ...together at camp, it's still an awesome time. There's been a lot of changes around here. The good news is that a lot of Christians from ...