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  1. change of scenery

    • ph.
      a move to different surroundings
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    • ph.
      a move to different surroundings

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • "need a change of scenery" 意義

      "a change of scenery" means "a move to a different place where the me relax and organize my life. 2012-04-09 11:50:24 補充: correction! A change of scenery would help ...

    • 幫忙翻譯依下這一句英文!!

      Rumor:Brevin Knight looking for change of scenery? 有傳聞: 美國NBA職籃球員Brevin Knight 想要轉換跑道(換東家)? change of scenery: 轉換舞台 背景 意思是 換個球隊 換個東家的意思

    • 英文句子文法問題

      ...for example, by taking a vacation in some exotic place, thinking that the change of scenery will do us good. 我在想responding跟thinking都為副詞片語...