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    • 英語片語..造句

      ...說謊 3.make plans: Are you making plans about where to go for this holiday? 你有計畫這次的假期...more beautiful day by day. 我注意到他越來越漂亮了 6.change one's mind: I'll think about changing...

    • 用英文回答問題...高手10點!!

      ...make the change? There are changes in one's life. Some of them are as big as, say, getting married and planning having babies, and some are as small as...

    • 英文片語turn one's life around是什麼?

      From Cambridge dictionary turn around/round [sth] turn [sth] around/round to change an unsuccessful business, plan, or system so that it becomes successful e.g. A new director has been brought...