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  1. change round

    • vt.
      change around
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    • ph.


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    • 二句話,請達人幫忙英翻中

      ...where reads BLAST: 在有BLAST字的地方 TEXT:字樣 change round logo to box: 圓變方 我想是這意思

    • 中翻英>"<(20點)

      ...-out feel Time whole energy all come and cat's eyes time can change round big light night at night again again again If see cat's eyes maybe be...

    • Jason Mraz , don't change 中文歌

      ... keep the flowers sprouting year round 是為了保持花朵常年萌芽 Girls like you are... and cavalier 正義騎士 Don't change at all 一切一點也不需要被改變 I am not...