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  1. change sth. back into sth.

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    • 1. 將(錢)換成原來的貨幣 change back francs into dollars 將法郎換成原來的美元
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      ...) were changed (C)have changed (D)changed 為什麼答案是(D)? have [sb] Vr/Ving/Vpp have [sth] Vpp routes是事物, 所以用Vpp. (篇幅不夠, 續...

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      ... to change the history. = Napoleon was to change the history. get everything squared away翻作"一切... on the meaning of "making sth. neat and tidy." So when we say that something'...

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      ...mind, accepting what the natives use even though they don't fit into the rules I have learned. Appreciate them...