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    • 同義字& quantity 與quality 的差異

      ... 2 [countable usually plural] something that people may have as part of their character, for example courage or intelligence [↪ characteristic]: 3 [countable] something that is typical of one thing and makes it different...

    • personality traits和disposition

      ...擺設- an attractive disposition in a shop windowb. nature or character;性情 He is a man with a humorous dispositionc... a general disposition to go on aschool trip. 3. Characteristic(s)>> a typical feature or quality thatsomething/somebody...

    • 英文翻中文!急!!

      ...被支撐了的軸的最量小的彎曲有著區別特色。 與彎了的Helvetica尾有差異、`y'吃直的尾。