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  1. character part

    • IPA[ˈker(ə)ktər pärt]
    • n.
      a part played by a character actor.
    • noun: character part, plural noun: character parts

  2. 知識+

    • role 與character的用法有何不同

      ...action or event 3. part played in social context: the part played by somebody in a given social context, with... pattern of behavior that it entails character noun Definition: 1. distinctive ...

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      ...teacher stresses character development, he or she might consider weighing the characters part of the rubric more heavily than the plot or setting. Remember that the...

    • How to type this character?

      ...for hand writing. I don't see any difference for the second character 『范』『范』,the top part may appear as two crosses, i.e. the horizontal line is not joint together...