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  1. characteristic curve

    • n.
      a graph showing the relationship between two variable but interdependent quantities.
    • noun: characteristic curve, plural noun: characteristic curves

  2. 知識+

    • 問這個名詞的英文(電子工程)

      共射體 common emitter 電晶體 transistor 電晶體特性曲線 transistor characteristic curve 共射極之電晶體特性曲線 The transistor characteristic curve of common emitters

    • 請問這一段工程類英文怎麼說? 20點

      ...effectively do the resonance to the piezoelectric ceramic material in buzzing plate, so the characteristic curve of the frequency-resistance scanned by xx could not be very accurate, and it could...

    • 想請問一下一些醫學知識 謝謝

      ...fibrosis/medication/20070320102740265.htm 2.The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC) 接收者操作特性曲線下面積(生物統計名詞) 請參見: http://big5.51daifu...