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  1. charge card


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    • 20點~請給我社會新聞終場出現字眼的英文,如卡奴。

      信用卡:a credit card; a charge card; a bank card affinity card 親善信用卡(信用卡的一種,交易的十分之一捐獻給使用者...發放信用卡的公司有義務相應地捐款) bank card 【美】信用卡 bankcard 銀行信用卡 charge card 【美】信用卡 credit card 信用卡 plastic 【口】信用卡的 plastic money 信用卡 storecard...

    • Paying For Goods And Services

      ... Cards B.=Debit Cards C.=Store Charge Cards 1. Collect an application form and other information material, such as ...

    • 英文句子求高手翻譯 the remainder of what you've already paid to your charge card. as: credit "the remainder of what you've already paid"...