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  1. charge sth. up to sb.

    • ph.
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    • 1. 將某人的欠款記在帳上

      Please charge these goods up to my account. 請把這些貨物記在我的帳上。

    • ph. 【文】控告某人犯某罪

    • ph. 指控某人犯罪

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    • charge to事什麼意義阿

      charge to」有兩種意思: 一、「向...索價」(put on the financial account of) 二、「歸因於...」、「歸咎於...」(attribute to; ascribe to

    • charge to和discriminate的用法

      discriminate 有兩個意思: 1. 區分:discriminate right from wrong就是區分對錯,也就是辨別是非。(=distinguish) 2. 按某種類別來區分,無視於個別價值,或展現偏見:discriminate against women就是歧視女性。 種族歧視就是racial discrimination.

    • Issue a charge to someone or?

      charge additional fee for the mold to company. I would use "charge " as the verb