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    • 電荷耦合的
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    • 麻煩幫我中翻英這短篇的介紹 is a product that combines light, electricity and machine. CCD (Charge Couple Device) is the center component made by highly sensitive semiconductor...

    • 解這張衛星圖的英文

      ...: 太陽能板 3. CCD Camera: CCD 照相機 (CCD: Charge-coupled Device 電荷偶合原件影像感測器) 4. Alnico V Magnet...

    • 資料處理科的相關單字(英文)

      ...-Scale Integration] 30.大量通道電荷耦合裝置 bulk-channel charge-coupled device 31.大量測試 volume test 32.大量儲存;大容量儲存體 bulk storage; mass...