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    • 翻英文課文 (不要用翻譯機器)

      ... at the top of these three groups' lists was golf legend Jack Nicklaus. 有... is also known for his charity work to help children in need 他在1986年46歲的...

    • 改英文文法 to hospitals, universities, and other charities? 3. Who was the richest man that...long does Forbes magazine put (去s) out a list of the world’s richest people? 8. When...

    • [20點]求英國史文章內容與3個問題之資料

      Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton 這綱站裡有可以 找到一些文章. 及可做其他搜尋喲.~