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    • 鑄件最後拋光;螺旋板
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    • 追捕chasing的英文?

      哈囉如惠您好 唸法已註明音標與用法 Chase [國際音標][tʃ'es] 形態變化 chased...pursue someone sexually or romantically 4. cut a groove into; "chase silver" 5. cut a furrow into a columns 例句...

    • chasing "pavements"的含意

      ... down the street, she though to herself, "what are you chasing? you are chasing an empty pavement". Hence, pavements...

    • pursue / chase

      chase 就比較著重在追這個動作 ex.She chased the children from her yard 她把那些孩子趕出院子 ex. The...