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  1. chat line

    • n.
      a telephone service that allows conversation among a number of people who call into it separately.;the access to, or connection with, a chat room.
    • noun: chatline, plural noun: chatlines

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    • chat in wechat or line

      Hi! I'm 15 and i'm a girl. So if you like, you can chat with me in line. Actually,i don't know my line id, but you may search my name. My name is Joyce Lau.

    • 幫個忙,翻成英文。 exchange your cell phone number with me?Then we can chat with line or whatsapp. If you get free time, welcome to Taiwan, I will be...

    • 一個訪問 需要英文回答

      1. In my opinion, the dating chat line is not a good way to meet people. Actually, it is kinda waste...