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    • 1. 【英】【口】和某人親切地或輕佻地交談(以獲取信任) Who was that pretty girl you were chatting up last night? 昨晚你與之談笑風生的那個漂亮姑娘是誰?
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    • ★請問一下「搭訕」的英文單字是什麼?

      以下意思都近似於搭訕,但要看你比較喜歡用哪一個 我大概用中文解釋一下 1. chat sb. up 過去"聊天" 2. pick sb. up "釣"美眉/凱子 2. hit on sb. 找人家搭訕 3. flirt with sb. 已經有調情的意思了

    • 救命啊!有人可以幫我翻一下嗎?

      ... go to bookshop meet a foreigner with me strike up a conversation with sb., just start chating still can, after all know me individual... character is not many, because chat go final I have already taken on dismiss...

    • 翻譯檢查(也可以寫出你覺得更好的句子)

      ...39; conversation in English mother tongue, =but they can not keep up with the train of thought of even two guys' conversation.... 請..以英文方式...說出. The two aborigines chatted