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  1. the chattering classes

    • intellectual or artistic people considered as a social group given to the expression of liberal opinions
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    • educated people, especially those in academic, artistic, or media circles

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    • chatter、guy單字補充

      chatter : KK: [ 圖片參考: ] vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)喋喋不休,嘮叨[(+about)]She chattered on and on about her recent trip.她喋喋不休地談她最近的旅行。(鳥)鳴囀...

    • chattered excitedly....?

      The womenfolk of his tribe chattered excitedly 他部族裡的女眷們激動地談天說地 =>women+folk這是比較老式...

    • it's too much work,短文裡的work解釋

      Chatters不喜歡做這個,它太費事了. Chatters生性是個愛耽擱的人,而且他也厭惡工作. work可當名詞and動詞 在第一句當名詞,解釋為「事」。 在第二句當動詞,解釋為「工作」。