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  1. cheating call

    • ph.
      【體】黑哨(裁判員收受賄賂而違背裁判原則,在比賽中有意地進行誤判來主導比賽結果,亦作unfair call)
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    • How to say "抓猴" in English?

      ...of process (外遇蒐證): Gathering Evidence to Catch a Cheating Spouse Gathering evidence of an affair (2). focus on the term of...

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      ...quot;才對) He promised me that he would by no means cheat me again. 7. call down→祈求 (call down 的另一義是scold:責罵之意) John called down...

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      ... and he didn't win it for his oceanography, so maybe that's kind of cheating that calling an oceanographer a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. But...