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  1. check

    • IPA[tʃek]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      檢查;監視; 監控; 監測
    • 過去式:checked 過去分詞:checked 現在分詞:checking

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 查明 to check that/whether the shelf is level 查看一下擱板是否平整 to check the availability of the product before ordering 下訂單前先確認是否有貨
    • 2. 檢查 she checked the signature 她查驗了簽名 we'd better check the contents against the inventory 我們最好參照存貨清單查點貨物
    • 3. 制止; 控制 to check the enemy's advance 阻止敵人向前推進 to apply pressure to the wound to check the flow of blood 給傷口加壓止血
    • 4. 使…停下 she checked her horse 她把馬帶住
    • 5. 抑制 to check one's anger/tears 忍住怒火/眼淚 he checked an impulse to run away 他克制住想逃走的衝動
    • 6. 將; 將…的軍
    • 7. 阻截
    • 8. 寄放
    • 9. 託運
    • 10. 在…上打鉤


    • 1. 查明 have you locked the door? — I think so, but you'd better check 你鎖門了嗎?──鎖了,但你最好再查看一下 I'll check with an expert to see if it's possible 我會找專家核實這是否可能
    • 2. 檢查 to check for a gas leak 檢查煤氣是否洩漏
    • 3. 突然停下
    • 4. 相符 to check with sth. 與某事物相符


    • 1. 檢查 the police are making random or spot checks on cars 警方正在對汽車進行抽查 this is a useful check for accuracy 這是一種檢驗準確性的有用方法
    • 2. 監視; 監控; 監測 to keep a check on sb./sth. 監視
    • 3. 制止物; 抑制物; 控制 to put or place a check on sth. 控制 the presence of the headmistress served as a check on their behaviour 女校長在場,他們不敢亂來
    • 4. 將軍 to put the king in check 使王被將軍 you're in check! 將你一軍!
    • 5. 存物牌
    • 6. 賬單 to pay the check 付賬 to pick up the check 做東請客
    • 7. tick


    1. examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something

    2. verify or establish to one's satisfaction

    3. stop or slow the progress of (something, typically something undesirable)

    4. curb or control (one's feelings or reaction)

    5. an examination to test or ascertain accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition

    6. a means of control or restraint

    7. the bill in a restaurant


    「1. curb or control (one's feelings or reaction)」的反義字

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