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    • 1. (為住旅館或登機等)辦理登記手續 Passengers should check in for flight BA 125 to Berlin. 去柏林的英航125航班旅客請辦理登機手續。
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    • 誰能幫我翻譯 考試要用!

      ...飛機起飛前二小時辦理登機手續. (check in --- 辦理登機手續) Could I check in for the direct flight to Tokyo now. 直飛東京的航班已經可以開始辦理登機手續...

    • 各位請幫我英文翻中文

      A:Hi!Should I check in here for flight TB 1030 to Vancouver? A: 你好,我可以在這裡辦理...

    • hotel check in

      ... X1234567. A: Please wait a moment, let me check it for you. B: Ok, just make it quick! My family and I just have...