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    • 1. 監控 will you check on the baby when you go upstairs, please? 你上樓時看一眼寶寶,好嗎? she kept coming in to check on our progress 她老是進來查看我們的進展
    • 2. 核查 I checked on all the details before I wrote the article 我寫這篇文章之前核實過所有細節 will you go and check on what the children are doing, please? 你去看看孩子們在做甚麼,好嗎?
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    • check in on

      "Checking in on someone", means that you want to see if someone is...高壓壓榨員工生產力的管理策略。 2013-09-08 17:08:16 補充: "check" 這個字原本就是「檢查」的意思。 你去檢查某人,一般來說...

    • 請問這句英文這樣說可以嗎?

      1. In my free time, I like to check on shopping websites and auctions on the internet. 2. ...上網有個常用的名詞就是"surf the webs" 或者是"surfing on internet"

    • [英文] 請問這句英文翻譯成中文是什麼意思?

      Check on me tonight! 單從一句話來看 再從結尾的驚嘆號 我認為這是一句性暗示的話