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  1. check up on sb.

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    • 1. 調查某人的行為(或背景等) The police are checking up on him. 警方正在調查他。
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    • 幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

      ... payment is cash on delivery. 29.Carry out...carry out your plan? 30.Check in: Let’s check... showing up in the party does come...35. Compromise with sb on sth: I have no choice...

    • Could sb plz check my English

      Environmental Saftey and Human rights 比較順 XXGarment Manfacturer -> 這裡可以只用公司名 XX Co. Ltd. Obey ok的, 比較簡潔 或 we act in accordance of the regulations.... 這就很咬文...

    • 關於look up用法!謝謝^^萬事拜託了

      ...表示尋找, 中間可以接人, 後面可以接 book 等名詞; 表示拜訪某人, 一般用look "sb" up。 look up 的同義︰ go up; search for; check; call on 例句: If you don't know a word, you can "look it up in" a...