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  1. checkpoint

    • KK[ˋtʃɛk͵pɔɪnt]
    • DJ[ˋtʃekpɔint]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 檢查站


  2. 知識+

    • 誰能幫忙翻譯一段英文~贈20點

      !cp - Opens checkpoint menu system 開放式檢查點選單系統 !save - Saves a checkpoint at a players... forward one checkpoint 往前一個檢查點 !clear - Clears a players checkpoints 清除玩家檢查點 !ghost - Makes a player partially invisible and go through other...

    • 請幫我翻一下文法?

      ...用來吸引校忠的每家$400元 Pro-Gadhafi security forces man checkpoints around the city of 2 million and prowl the city for any sign of unrest. 這句話也很...

    • 請問一些有關健康檢查的英文表示方式

      1. the finished height of patients and then do another check2. payment of urine (checkpoint)3. pay back where medical examination form (checkpoint)